Travelling w/ Toddler in Tow

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In early July, we went on vacation with our two-year old daughter.  I have to say, the trip went pretty well overall and my lil gal was a champ on the plane!  One word: planning.  Planning is key to having a successful and smooth trip.  It was about a four-hour flight so not too long. Lots of activities during the plane ride and a flight attendant that reminds your tot that they have to stay in their seat is super helpful! Also, having a check-list while packing keeps things organized (since us moms are always thinking of a million things at once!).

Some tips and tricks that helped me along the way:

1. Try to plan your flight around a time that you know they will nap for a bit while on the plane.

2. Things to bring on the plane:

  • A new, exciting book about planes was a big hit for us
  • 1-2 favorite books
  • Travel doodle pad
  • Extra wipes to clean the airplane trays (very fun activity)
  • Travel-sized lotions to take turns moisturizing
  • Few lunch paper bags for making puppets
  • new coloring books, crayons and construction paper
  • a small, new toy
  • various snacks (you can pack them in small snack bags for easy access)
3.  Things to have while on vacation:
  • some favorite toys (we took some blocks, fav doll and lil wooden fruits that you can cut-up!)
  • make sure you have access to a grocery store or restaurants nearby that will have some of your toddler’s fav foods, given that they are kind of up and down when it comes to food these days!
And finally, once you’re tot turns 2, and they have their own seat, you are also allowed an extra small bag on the plane as well as a suitcase for check-in so if you think you have loads of stuff- don’t worry, it will fit!
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