Picky or Particular?

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My daughter  recently turned 2 in May, and like all mommies, I am always looking for new ways to incorporate delicious and healthy food into my toddler’s (and family’s) diet.

When she turned six months old and it was time for solids, I was sooo excited to make homemade baby food for her, I got the beaba babycook and began making various purees with hints of spices.  I had a copy of one of Annabel Karmel’s recipe books, and her book really helped me get a sense of how to incorporate different spices and combine fruits and veggies.  I would make batches and freeze them up, but of course, children are wonderful, unpredictable beings.  So one day something is awesome, the next day, not so much.  Of course I would end up eating this baby food, but I wasn’t worried since she was breastfeeding all the time and that was her primary source of nutrition, especially until the age of one.

Once she turned one, and began having more of what mom and dad are having, things became more interesting, but still not super interesting. My husband and I have a South Asian background, and it seems that she is genetically predisposed to enjoy foods with lots of spices 🙂  Who knew?!

However, throughout her first year I continued to breastfeed, and continued to offer various fruits, vegetables, and dishes.  I wasn’t too worried since breastmilk was still a huge part of her diet.  But I found that she truly started to take an interest in food and began eating more when she turned 20 months and began to self-wean a bit.

One thing I realized is that these kiddies can sure latch onto certain foods, like my lil one could not let go of eating eggo fibre waffles for a long while!  And I try to avoid processed foods as much as possible.  So in my case, it is important to try and vary things as much as possible.

And mealtime does not always happen sitting down in a high chair.  It can happen while also reading a book or making a puzzle.  So I just go with the flow, and try not to stress too much.  I think as parents, especially mothers, we begin to stress about these little things, but we have to keep reminding ourselves that as long as they are happy, growing and eating for the most part (even if it’s not to our satisfaction on a daily basis), they are fine 🙂

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