Mealtime is Playtime.

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The dinner table is usually a battlefield. Splat! Squish! Smear! And the casualties of war litter my clean kitchen floors. This used to drive me bananas, until I accepted the fact that my baby, most likely all babies, love to play with their food. So I devised a way for meals to be fun.

Ta-dah! A variety of colourful foods on an ice cube tray. (I got this idea from The Baby Book, by Dr. Sears.)

Well, Alex still ends up throwing some food on the floor, but he eats a lot more too.

He’s busy moving the bits of food from one little box to another with one hand, and he’s stuffing his face with the other hand.

It’s also a great way to calculate portions and see how much he eats. Another advantage is the facility for the baby to practice using a fork. When they spear the food, it doesn’t fly across the table because the fork stays inside the box.

The only thing Dr. Sears forgot was that babies like to also fling the plates and bowls on the floor.

The dollar-store solution?

Velcro with sticky tape for the tray and your table!

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